Alert! How To Fix Your Sagging Mattress

Alert! How To Fix Your Sagging Mattress

Dec 01, 2023

Like all mattresses, there is a time when your mattress will just give up.

Notting is not going to fall apart, but there is a time when you might just want to fix your sagging mattress because you have become attached to your mattress and am not ready to say goodbye to it yet.

So You Want To Fix Your Sagging Mattress

Typically, a mattress when it has seen better days will tend to sink in the middle mainly.

And it is often in two or three spots.

And this is usually caused by a few things.

Couples who tend to sleep on their sides more often in the bed. Or couples sleeping in a spooning position seems to cause one sagging area right in the middle of the mattress itself.

There is a third way that this sagging might be caused, and this can be by your pets!

If you have your fur family in bed with you a lot of the time this can happen.

If you have to say…

A large dog that sleeps on the bed with you, it is possible that he or she could leave a sinking spot in your mattress.

With a little of fur as well can not forget the fur traces.

There are some more causes…

Better not forget to tell you that an uneven surface where you place the mattress could also cause issues as when you get into bed and the bed itself is uneven on the floor, can cause the mattress to bed with the bed frame.

Even direct sunlight can cause a breakdown of the mattresses fibres.

Any liquid penetration or high moisture penetration is also not good for the materials of a mattress.

Also last but not least…

Bent steel or old broken box spring supports can cause damage…

Got that?

How To Avoid Sagging

You can regularly flip your mattress, as rotating your mattress is important they say.

But how many of us do it?


Or even think of it…

They say to make sure to flip the mattress every six months, or, if you have a pillow top mattress, rotate it every six months.

I am still out on this one, but flipping or rotating your mattress every so often, and I do say every so often is probably a good idea.

Proper Box Springs

As you might have noticed…

The Queen size mattress and king size mattress do need that extra proper support because they are just bigger.

But you knew that that would have been the main reason you bought it anyway…

To have more space, or that if you sleep with someone, you do not want to be sleeping so close to them all the time.

So, if you do not have the correct box springs, your mattress will sink into oblivion…
No, not that far…

With the proper support, the sinking of your mattress can be avoided. Unless you have had it for 50 years…

Make sure when you do buy a box spring, to invest in the correct box springs when you purchase your mattress.

While it is true, no matter what you do, that all mattresses will wear out eventually.
Though, with proper care, your mattress will last for many years to come.

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If you are in need of a new one, check out one of our showrooms today or just go online and let your fingers do the walking.

Is A Sagging Mattress Bad?

In fact, having a sagging mattress does lead to a detrimental chain of events for your health and sleep quality that you do need to address at some time or the other.

Some people leave it so long that the mattress eventually falls to the floor when they get in it at night causing a lot of issues.


I wouldn’t go that far, but it is a funny thought.

Getting back to it.

Because of that nagging discomfort, you start to feel at night as a result of a sinking mattress.

You are more prone to waking in the middle of the night, and a disrupting sleep during the night can wear on you eventually.

And as you get more tired, to eventually leaving you exhausted in the morning.

How Do You Firm Up/Fix A Sagging Mattress?

So do you feel like your bed has slowly turned into a hammock and is now causing issues like neck or back pain?

I’ll show you an unbelievably cheap way on how to fix a saggy mattress for back pain relief.

There is a big problem where people are not having enough support while they sleep which leads to recurrent issues like neck, back, and sciatica pain.

Support for Mattress Woes

Now if you are not in a position to be able to get a new bed for now, or can’t afford a new mattress. I want to show you cheaply how to fix a saggy mattress for back pain relief for instance…

The great part is all you need is an ordinary bath towel or a blanket.

Start by taking off any sheets and bedding material you have on the bed.

Next, take the towel or blanket from your cupboard and fold it in half or fourths if you need more support and place it on the bed where your hips usually lie.

It’s important to get it in this spot since your hips are the heaviest part of the body, and tend

to sag the most into the mattress.

Even a common towel or blanket over this spot should help lessen the amount of sag into the bed.

While it also helps to lessen the amount of irritation to the back from bad posture and alignment of the spine.

Hopefully, you should have more back and pelvic support at night and less pain.

This can be used no matter how you sleep whether it be on your back, stomach side because it does help to increase the support for the heaviest part of your body, the hips.

So how to fix sagging mattress woes can be achieved with the right information, whether you are ready to give your bed the hoist or buy a new one.

Whichever way you look at it, when you really start aching, you need to fix your sagging mattress, to get back to being ache free and those blissful full nights sleep.

Well, nearly full nights sleep.

You know…

More than you were getting when you had a saggy mattress.