A Bedroom With Wallpaper Made Simple: What You Need To Know

A Bedroom With Wallpaper Made Simple: What You Need To Know

Dec 02, 2023

bedroom with wallpaper

It really is not that terrifying when it comes to a bedroom with wallpaper.

No, you will not muck it up and have wallpaper all over with glue dripping from it.

Believe in yourself and wallpaper can make your bedroom a dream place to relax.

Dreaming Of A Bedroom With Wallpaper?

You would not be the first one. In fact, a bedroom can be magic with wallpaper.

I know… I know…

If you saw the designs of the wallpaper in the 50s too, it might just put you off for life.

I can see those programs now…

When they come on tv with that wallpaper that would stop an elephant if it saw it. With those bright glary coloures and big geometric designs.

You would run out of the room screaming or at least need therapy for a week.

I just do not know how they could relax looking at that sort of wallpaper, especially a bedroom with wallpaper.


Maybe their lives we not as hectic as ours are now, and they did not need all those things to relax.

But really!

It was a larger-than-life wallpaper trend.

On that, I do not think will come around again as clothes fashion does.

Can Wallpaper Be Used In A Bedroom?

Just like any other part of the house you are in, wallpaper can go anywhere.
But there are some rules that you need to adhere to or else you will have trouble.
This being…

You would not put the vinyl look wallpaper that you would use in the kitchen in the bedroom, would you?

I mean that the vinyl look is really shiny and has the ability to take the humidity and kitchen fumes.

Where you would not put a think luxurious wallpaper in the kitchen.

It would soak up the humidity, and cooking fumes and also get pretty grubby.
And if you think that you can just wash it off, think again.

You will end up tearing it off the wall wishing that you put the proper wallpaper that was right for the kitchen in the first place.

What Wallpaper Is Good For A Bedroom?

There is a massive amount of wallpaper out that can enhance and make a cosy bedroom.

In fact, bedroom wallpaper can even give you inspiration as to what type of theme you would like in your bedroom

That will also influence your furniture to your bedroom wall art.

Wallpaper can add a layer of texture or pattern to a room such as your bedroom.
In reality, wallpaper is more interesting than paint and can make a feature in any
space of your bedroom as well,

The world of wallpaper is massive, and with technology getting better these days wallpaper is found in so many designs and textures.

You will flat-out deciding what look you want to go for.

Should I Wallpaper My Whole Bedroom?

Now that’s a good question…

Because there are so many different kinds of wallpaper on the market now, it is no surprise that you can wallpaper the entire room if you like.

Or if you are choosing an interesting wallpaper that is a little different or darn right expensive, you can just use it as an accent on one wall.

Selecting the right pattern, texture, and colour for your wallpaper can make sure that the accent wall or room will not be visually overwhelming.

Is Wallpaper Back In Style 2022?

Is Wallpaper Coming Back?

Well really…

Wallpaper never went out of style.

Some of the prints from the 80s and 90s may look and feel somewhat dated of course but you do not have to buy them, do you?

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However, most interior designers will tell you, that wallpaper as a design element is still going very strong indeed and will continue to do so in the future.

Which Wall Should Have Wallpaper?

Another good question…

It would not be a good idea to choose the wall behind you or out of your line of sight when you enter the bedroom.

For the best impact in your room, it is better to choose the wall you first see when you walk into your bedroom so it hits you as soon as you enter.

I would not go choosing a wallpaper design that is too plain for this either.

It defeats the purpose of what you are trying to convey here…

Are Wallpapers Better Than Paint?

They both have their advantages in what you are trying to convey in your dwelling.

Paint is easier to wipe down when something gets on it.

But paint as well as paper can deflect dirt much better than the wallpaper of the past.

In fact, and you might be surprised…

That wallpaper can last up to 15 years!

And have high sustainability and also reliability.

Where wall paints can have a tendency to get damaged easily.

Or do you need to pick yourself up off the floor?

Paints can last on a well-prepared surface for 5-6 years, but they still need to touch up every year or so.

Can You Wallpaper Just 2 Walls?

Now, this is an interesting one…

I have not seen much of this myself, but I can’t see why not.
As long as you do it right.

If you have got a large space in your bedroom to decorate, meaning that you have a rather large bedroom.

The one wall of wallpaper just might not be enough…

Wallpaper is chosen to enliven and accentuate the areas in your bedroom, but if the dimensions of your wall are off.

Now, this could mean a shoddy builder or an old house where straight lines were not so accurate.

And of course, over time, old buildings do move, so this is also a reason.

Anyway, if the walls are off, it can be tricky when you are trying to align up the wallpaper, and might not have the impact you hoped for.

So when choosing wallpaper, and you do have this issue, I would not go for linear patterns just in case.

Or else you will have a nightmare trying to line up all the wallpapers, and around the corners…


Anyway, getting back to having two walls done with a bedroom with wallpaper.

It does not mean that they both have to be large walls, you might decide to have a large wall wallpapered, and the second could be a smaller section of a wall depending on how your bedroom is shaped.

You might just have a small section that the wallpaper would look good on.

I would get the wallpaper and hold it up and get someone else, to hold it up for you while you have a look from a distance.


If you have been thinking about a bedroom with wallpaper, why not start to look into it?

It does not matter if your bedroom is painted right now – you might just be in the mood for a new look.