5 Tips To Find The Best Bedside Lamp

5 Tips To Find The Best Bedside Lamp

Dec 01, 2023

One of the most important things you will need in your bedroom is a bedside lamp.

But it is not as easy as that.

What sort of lamp should you get and will it suit your needs.

Five Tips To Choose Right Bedside Table Lamps

The best way to enjoy the atmosphere of your bedroom at night is with a bedside lamp.
But what sort of bedside laps should you really be looking for?

No, it is not just as easy as just getting a bedside lamp. You might just do that. But don’t you really want to enjoy your bedroom as much as you can?

And one of the best ways to do this is with atmosphere, and the bedside lamp is one item that needs to be addressed.

Bedside Lamp Knowledge

The lighting of the bedroom has a great impact on the ambience and atmosphere, and how it makes you feel right?

And when it comes to making your bedroom a space where it needs to feel nothing less than like a retreat from the outside world, bedside table lamps make this happen and turns it into a reality.

But in order for that to happen, you firstly need to choose the perfect bedside lamp for yourself.

Not just any bedside lamp will not work for you, you know…

You need to find a bed lamp that has the right:

  • shape
  • colour
  • size
  • design

So that it complements the overall look of your bedroom.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind to find those perfect bedside table lamps for your own personal bedroom space.

So I think it’s time to have a look, shall we…

The Height Of Your Bedside Lamp

You need a bedside lamp that can provide enough lighting without striking a glare from the lamp into your eyes.

That is the last thing that you want when relaxing…

Nor should it either be too close to the surface of your mattress or shine over your head.

That would not do at all…

Indeed, the height of a bedside lamp should be equal or two-three inches extra than the height of the bedside table itself to give you the best effect.

Now you don’t have to go getting out that measuring tape of yours right now but, you need to know just how high your overall bed is with the accumulated added height of your mattress firstly.

So maybe yes, get out that measuring tape and find out just how tall your bed is.
Not counting all those layers of duvets during the wintertime though…

Generally, you are looking at the top of the bedside table and the mattress is on the same level.

The height of a bedside table ranges from about 22-26 inches.

So if the height of a bedside table is about 23 inches in total, then you need to choose a bedside lamp of 26 inches.

The Width Of The Beside Lamp

The width of a bedside table lamp will also depend on the width of the bedside table itself.

If you have a bedside lamp that is just too narrow or even too wide, it will just look odd.

So, you could say, the wider the nightstand you have, the wider your bedside lamps should be as well.

Let’s be more precise here with the width of the bedside lamp.

Bedside lamps should be about one-third of the width of the nightstand, give or take a little here and there.

Lamp Styles

There is an enormous range of bedside lamps out there, and I mean enormous…

You could spend all day looking from one lamp to another. So much so, that you can get confused easily.

The best way to keep it simple is to choose the style which attracts you personally.
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That way you have narrowed down to choices in a big way.

After all…

You do not want to go home with bedside lamps that you don’t like, would you?

There are a variety of options such as:

  • ceramic lamps
  • pharmacy lamps
  • novelty lamps
  • candlestick lamps
  • glass lamps
  • antique lamps
  • modern lamps

A good way to start when deciding to choose a lamp is not only to choose the design that you prefer.

You also need to choose the design of the lamp that will go with the theme of your bedroom.

Now there are people out there who just do not have a clue and just buy a lamp that they like.

But you need to decide if you are one of those people, or you want to make your overall bedroom into a theme that is a delight to not only look at but is pleasing to the whole bedroom atmosphere.

Bed Lamp Colour

It is a good idea to match the colour of your lamp with the theme of your bedroom.

If your bedroom has many coloures, and I can add here… That this will not make you feel as calm as having an overall theme that has a main colour.

If you need calmness in your life, a soft grey and varieties of white will work quite well.

But do not go for white, it is clean of course but when it comes to relaxing. White is not going to promote the effect of calmness.

You see…

You need to think about our instincts here…

We mainly sleep at night right?


Most of us do.

So your body throughout time has been used to the muted tones of colour. As darkness descends on us, the senses in your bairns are hardwired to recognize that it is getting time to sleep.

And bright light sends signals to our brains that it is time to be active, thus white being a bright colour also does the same.


If you are in a bedroom with white walls and don’t know why you are having trouble falling to sleep as well.

Now you know.

If you are creative enough, you can also deliberately mismatch the colour of your lamp with the rest of your bedroom. But be careful here if you get it wrong it will go wrong in a big way…

If you have a simple bedside table, then choose a colourful lamp that will bring focus to its overall ambience.

Now, on the other spectrum, if you have a colourful bedside table, choose a simple bedside lamp that will work best.

No colourful lamps here, unless you are that sort of person – but again it is not going to be doing you any favours to calm yourself.

Choosing A Single Or Pair


How many table lamps do you need?
As a basic rule of thumb here, if there are two people, that means that you need two lamps right.

And if you are single, you need just one.

It’s not rocket science here…

However, if you have one of those big king-sized beds, then you have to purchase a pair because one lamp will look, well… Quite odd.

And obviously, both of the lamps should be identical. That goes without saying…

Even though I did say it.

So here you have a few tips to choose the perfect bedside table lamps.

The bedside lamp is the one thing that you are going to be reaching for when you either want to read for instance or just relax in your bedroom before you go to sleep.

So I would advise that you do give it consideration.